Development program for cultural and creative industries

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Do you want to start your own business, build a new service or product or start a new cultural project, sign up for the OVACE program! And we will help you!

Yes, you need it! The fulfillment of a vision or the successful execution of a cultural or creative project very often depends on the ability to understand what the „customer“ wants. In business, there are methods and procedures that will allow you to look at a new activity objectively and show you in time the path to take in order to reach the set goal. 

All you have to do is sign up for the program and develop your idea in one of the runs. Thanks to support from the Norwegian Funds grant, participation is completely free. 

During regular meetings with you within a month, we will go over the basic building blocks of the business and help you verify your idea and build a business plan. Thanks to which you will know what and when you will need on the way to success. What more! You will become part of a community of creatives and create a network of interesting contacts. 

Take a look at OVACE Facebook page , where you can find current information about the project. 

In case of questions, feel free to write to us via FB or via good old email at

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THE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR THE CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRY or OVACE PROGRAM helps creatives and organizations bringing together creatives with the launch of new products, services or projects. 

The OVACE program strengthens the capacities of associations, industry organizations, networks and platforms through the improvement of business and entrepreneurial competences. 

The development program for cultural and creative industries (OVACE Program) is organized by the Innovation Center INION  in cooperation with the Norwegian partner  Entreprenerdy.

This project is financed by a grant from the EEA and Norwegian funds, the Culture program.